Better way to understand your customers

Advanced analytical & experiential technology systems

Radiowalla’s advanced analytical & experiential technology systems can help you to grow your business by improving customer experience, providing a deep insight into your customers’ profile & behaviour, and much more.

Video Analytics

- Get a deeper demographic and even psychographic understanding of people who walk-in and understand how they shop in your store.
- Know how many unique customers visit the store.
- How many are male & how many female while offering age breakdown, customer flow around the store and time of visit.
- Also know how frequently you get to see your customers
- Identify areas in store that get the most attention

Audio Analytics

Communicate with shoppers’ real time & understand shopper movement. Location sensing based on audio pulse
- Inaudible to human ears
- Audio based presence technology to know when user walks into vicinity
- Leverages existing infrastructure based on audio tones embedded in each player
- SDK for smartphones can be integrated in 3rd party applications

Chat bots

Chat, is the most human way of interaction now a days & bots enable that at scale.
- By deploying an AI driven assistant that interacts with your customers as you, you actually build a one on one relationship with your customers.
- Such Bots can be used for, support, commerce, surveys etc.

Text Analysis & Sentiment Analysis

- Gain an overview of the wider public opinion behind your brand
- Quickly understand consumer attitudes and react accordingly
- Insights on what customers like and dislike about you and your brand

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