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360 Degree Instore
Radio Services

Exclusive Radio for your Brand : We are sure you’ve visited stores that play great music, lift your mood, help you make the right choice and you leave feeling good. Now that’s an art we are experts at!
From popular music to royalty free music, from supermarkets to apparel, in India or overseas, we create the right sound for your space that enhances your brand identity.

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Analytics for Retail

Radiowalla’s advanced analytical & experiential technology systems can help you to grow your business by improving customer experience, providing a deep insight into your customers profile & behaviour, and much more.

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Strategic alliances

- Influence sales through point-of-sale marketing
- Open instore radio inventory
- Create an exclusive platform for advertising
- Generate revenue through innovative instore concepts.

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Corporate Radio

Corporate communication for an organization is crucial and challenging. Keeping employees informed, engaged and motivated is a big part of it.
With many teams, locations and a diverse group of employees it only helps to stay connected and up to date with the latest relevant developments. Radiowalla’s Corporate Radio Solutions and other customized audio content helps achieving this in an effective manner.

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