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Keep your employees engaged and informed using audio medium with our corporate radio solutions.

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Corporate communication for an organization is crucial and challenging. Keeping employees informed, engaged and motivated is a big part of it. With many teams, locations and a diverse group of employees it only helps to stay connected and up to date with the latest relevant developments. Radiowalla’s Corporate Radio Solutions and other customized audio content helps achieving this in an effective manner. Every company has specific requirements and a culture that they envision. Our team at Radiowalla works on making it come alive through our customized audio content.

The key being making all information engaging and listener friendly. The medium can be made interactive via SMS messaging, mails or calls for feedback, suggestions and making employees a part of the activities on and off air. The initiative of Corporate Radio results in happier, inclusive, well informed and motivated employees. It also creates a better work environment and connect with one’s organization.

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