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Fasten your seatbelts, Because we are about to transform your brand.

Our Features

Over 1000 + Locations & Counting.

Multiple Player Options

Choose from Windows, Linux, Web Player or Radiowalla Device Options.

Real Time Dashboard & Analytics

Real time status reports and configurable alerts, detailed analytics and playout stats.

Multilingual Content

Choose your language – Kashmiri to Tamil, Gujarati to Assamese, we do it all and more.

7 Days Support

We are here to make sure your stores never face any issue.

Music Curation By Experts

Our team of music experts works with you to curate that ideal sound for your station.

Multiple Media Options

Mp4, Mp3, Wav etc.

Smart solution for a retail business!

In Store Radio

Exclusive Radio for your Brand: We are sure you’ve visited stores that play great music, lift your mood, help you make the right choice and leave you feeling good. You may have wondered how that happens. We know how. We do it.

Strategic Alliances - Open up revenue generating Inventory in your Stores

- Influence sales through point-of-sale marketing.
- Open instore radio inventory.
- Create an exclusive platform for advertising.
- Generate revenue through innovative instore concepts.

Corporate Radio

Corporate communication for an organization is crucial and challenging. Keeping employees informed, engaged and motivated is a big part of it. With many teams, locations and a diverse group of employees it only helps to stay connected and up to date with the latest relevant developments.

Digital Screen Content Management Solution

Cloud based audio visual content management solution for your retail TV screens, be it the help desk of a multi-speciality hospital or the reception of a 5* resort, digital screens drive customer engagement and help influence customer behaviour via rich engaging content.

Digital Media

Building on our core competency, we now offer the award-winning Digital Audio and Video Advertising Production experience that has serviced the likes of the top e-commerce giants, the hospitality industry, online grocery brands and the largest retail spaces across 10 countries.

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To experience these solutions at your business site for free, write to us at sales@radiowalla.in.

Our Experience

A trusted partner Since 2010.

Smart solution for a retail business!

Radiowalla is a trusted partner of the retail industry and collaborates with over 500+ retailers across 10 countries.

Awards & Recognitions

Radiowalla has also been listed as one of the top 10 in-store radio companies globally by "Venture Radar".

Winner of "Indian Content Leadership" award for the Best Business/Financial Content on Radio & Podcast.

To experience these solutions at your business site for free, write to us at sales@radiowalla.in

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